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Invertebrate Medicine, 2nd Edition

The Second Edition of Invertebrate Medicine is due to be published in November or December, 2011. This, the second edition of Invertebrate Medicine, represents a concerted effort by a group of dedicated authors on the topic of invertebrate animal medicine. It has been substantially expanded from the first edition to reflect the tremendous growth of the pertinent literature and work that is being accomplished in the fields of invertebrate animal medicine, disease investigation, conservation, husbandry, and animal welfare. With the increased merging of animal and human medicine (“one health” or “one medicine”), the growing importance of invertebrates in biomedical research, and the many ongoing efforts to preserve habitat, protect at risk species, and learn more about how invertebrates help define and connect ecosystems, this new edition is both warranted and timely.

Six new chapters (Reef Systems, Butterfly Houses, Honeybees, Conservation and Preservation, Welfare, and Sources of Supplies) have debuted and three first edition appendices (Neoplasia, Euthanasia, and Reportable Diseases) have been expanded into full chapters. The Laws and Regulations Chapter has been broadened, with the addition of a new author, to include more international information.