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Invertebrate Medicine

Invertebrate Medicine is the single most comprehensive resource available today on invertebrate animal medicine. Public and private aquarists, aquaculturists, and veterinarians in zoo animal, exotic animal and laboratory animal medicine will all find this book an irreplaceable source of information on many of the animals they care for or treat

Coverage includes sponges, jellyfish, anemones, corals, snails, squids, octopuses, clams, oysters, horseshoe crabs, starfish, sea urchins, spiders, scorpions, crabs, crayfish, lobsters, shrimp, hermit crabs, centipedes, millipedes, insects, and dozens more. Although coverage is broad, emphasis is on invertebrates harvested for food or kept in captivity as pets, for display, or as research animals. The book’s organization is easy to follow, with chapters dividing up invertebrates taxonomically. Each chapter includes the natural history of the group, anatomy and physiology, environmental disorders, preventive medicine, infectious diseases, common miscellaneous disorders, analgesia, anesthesia and surgery, treatment protocols and formularies. Amply illustrated in color and black and white, Invertebrate Medicine is sure to become the classic reference on invertebrate animal medicine.