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NAVC Amazon Expedition Day #1

Rosa Meeting Us At The Quito Airport. She and husband/bus driver Omar did a great job!
June 11, 2011

We took a Taxi to the airport and boarded our RDU to MIA flight at 1:15 PM, arriving in Miami about 3:00 PM. The flight was nice and pretty smooth, with good views of the Eastern Seaboard along the way. Everglades “back fires” altered our MIA approach but we were still on time, and  Read More 
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NAVC Amazon Expedition Day #2

Cheese And Biscochos On Our Field Guide “Table.” What a Delicious and Unusual Treat!
June 12, 2011

We slept well and were up and ready for the tasty breakfast buffet about 7:30 AM. At 8:30 our group rallied in the hotel lobby and boarded a large Turismo bus, which we filled, and headed for Otavalo, where the largest traditional market in Ecuador is located.

Along  Read More 
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Luck of the Irish?

Okay, I'm starting to figure out the Blog thing. I initially made this post as a comment attached to my 3/14/10 Blog; now I realize I can initiate free-standing Blog entries using the AG Site Builder technology!

Here's the earlier post about my St. Patrick's Day events:

Good morning! I thought I'd share my St.  Read More 
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A start....

This is my initial Blog entry, really more of a "test," as I try out this new-to-me mode of communication. If anyone happens to read this, feel free to say Hi, send a query, or just make a comment!


March 14, 2010
Raleigh, NC
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