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Who Is Dr. Michael Stoskopf?

Dr. Michael Stoskopf is a quadruple Professor at North Carolina State University with his primary appointment as a Professor of Aquatics, Wildlife Health in the Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, and professorial appointments in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering, and Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology in the College of Natural Resources at the North Carolina State University. He is also the Director of he Environmental Medicine Consortium, at NCSU, serves on the University Graduate School Board, the Marine and Coastal Sciences Council, the Executive Board of the Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Program, and Directs the Zoological Medicine Focus Area for DVM students.

He received his DVM from Colorado State University, a PhD in Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology from Johns Hopkins University, and is one of the first Diplomates of the American College of Zoological Medicine, where he is a past President. His primary research focus is on environmental impacts on captive and free-ranging/swimming animals, using advanced metabolomics techniques and lipid biochemistry to identify early markers of health impacts useful for habitat health risk assessment. He has broad interests in a wide range of scientific topics, including comparative anatomy, ecological metabolomics, and paleophysiology and ecology. He is also engaged in the intersection between the arts and science. He is an engaged teacher and mentor, working with hundreds of veterinary, graduate, and undergraduate students. He is also a founder of the highly successful and prestigious NCSU-CVM Zoological Medicine Residency program.

He is the editor of the internationally known and respected FISH MEDICINE textbook (1993; 2011), and a number of smaller texts, as well as a contributor to numerous other books, an author on nearly 200 peer-reviewed research papers, and a frequent contributor to popular press articles and other publications and multimedia venues related to zoological medicine and environmental health.

Updates on many activities Dr. Stoskopf is involved with can be accessed at the Environmental Medicine Consortium's web site:
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