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NAVC Amazon Expedition Day #1

Rosa Meeting Us At The Quito Airport. She and husband/bus driver Omar did a great job!
June 11, 2011

We took a Taxi to the airport and boarded our RDU to MIA flight at 1:15 PM, arriving in Miami about 3:00 PM. The flight was nice and pretty smooth, with good views of the Eastern Seaboard along the way. Everglades “back fires” altered our MIA approach but we were still on time, and had a good view of the fires and the curtain-like smoke billowing away from them.

Once in the airport we found a nice spot with wireless access and did some last minute work before shutting things down and finding members of our NAVC Expedition. Doug, Gerry, Tom, and Shirree joined us for drinks and appetizers at a seafood restaurant near the gate. We connected with John Hatfield just before boarding. Our full flight departed on time and arrived Quito about 10 PM local time. Once we cleared immigration and customs—very smooth—we were met by a woman named Rosa who’s husband drove us sardine-style to the Sebastian Hotel, about 15 min. from the airport.

Our room is perfectly fine although certainly not fancy. It’s on the 7th floor, and if one takes the stairs, the nearly 2-mile altitude is quite palpable! Phewww! There’s a nice walk-out balcony overlooking a moderately busy street and the surrounding hills/mountains.
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