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NAVC Amazon Expedition Day #7

One Of The Many “Private” Pools In Front Of The Termas Resort Rooms
June 17, 2011

Wake-up was at the more reasonable time of 6:30, although, Diane and I were both already up when the door knock came. We packed, cleaned up, and headed down for our last breakfast at Sacha. By 7:30 AM the canoes were loaded and one-by-one headed for the Anden trail and we were all soon engaged in the 30-minute walk to the Napo River and our waiting river boats. We rallied at the “port” area, donned life jackets, and boarded the long Fiberglas craft for the 2-hour trip up the river to Coca. It was a very pleasant and rain-free trip that afforded plenty of sight seeing and conversation. During the trip we were handed “lunch” bags that turned out to be sandwich deficient; apparently the staff had forgotten to drop sandwiches into the bag after the fruit, fruit drink, and cookies were added. No biggie.

In Coca we had about 30 minutes at the office so about a dozen of us ventured out looking for a pharmacy. John picked up some ciprofloxacin for $5 but our search for dragon blood tree lotion came up empty. On the drive out of Coca to the airport, Carol stopped the bus, jumped out with Doug, and they purchased bottles of dragon blood “medicine” for those interested. We bought a couple bottles and gave one to Randon and Johanna. Randon used it on his numerous chigger bite lesions and at dinner reported marked improvement! At the open air market where Carol purchased the bottles numerous vendors were selling fresh fishes of several species, including pacu and tilapia, from what I could tell.

The flight to Quito was uneventful and we rolled into the Sebastian Hotel about 1:30. Some people bought lunches, dropped off laundry, and retrieved luggage, and about 2:30 we departed for the famed Papallacta hot spring resort called Termas. The bus ride was spectacular, as we climbed into the Andes, at one point crossing over a pass with an elevation over 13,000 feet! Randon recorded an outside temperature of 38 degrees F at one point. We arrived into Papallacta about 4:30, checked into our room located in front of a private steaming hot pool, and soon joined the other NAVC folks at the Spa which had a number of pools with varying degrees of temperature (including one at about 50 degrees F!). Diane joined a handful of others to completely submerge themselves in the chilly water before jumping back into the 100-plus degree natural spring!

We met our colleagues for dinner about 7:30 and by 9 were back in our room ready for a good night’s rest in our space heater-toasty room.
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