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Luck of the Irish?

Okay, I'm starting to figure out the Blog thing. I initially made this post as a comment attached to my 3/14/10 Blog; now I realize I can initiate free-standing Blog entries using the AG Site Builder technology!

Here's the earlier post about my St. Patrick's Day events:

Good morning! I thought I'd share my St. Patrick's Day (luck of the Irish?) with anyone that might have interest/time.

Most year's I simply forget to wear green and don't even realize what day it is until I see a steaming bin of green bagels at the local Bruegger's Bagel Restaurant that I frequent. Well, this year I remembered, wore green, and even bought a green bagel outfitted with some creamy peanut butter (I normally munch on whole wheat or honey grain). It was tasty in a plain bagel way; the green apparently has no flavor....

But I should back up. Prior to breakfast, I opened an e-mail from a very responsive and helpful literary agent who turned out my latest effort at a novel. I completed the work in December, have been tweaking it with the help of my wife and a close friend, and was very hopeful this agent would "sign me." No such luck (Irish or otherwise). The quest for representation continues!

I'm a runner (although was performing at a much higher level 18 months ago) and decided on a nice single-track afternoon trail run at our local and beautiful Umstead State Park. This jewel of a resource is tucked in nicely between the RDU Airport, the Research Triangle Park (RTP), and the city of Raleigh. I ran for just under 80 minutes at a very leisurely pace, only falling down once, splat in front of three nice and concerned women walkers. Once I was able to rise (just a few minutes of orientation and musculoskeletal assessment), we chatted for a few minutes about koi ponds and avian predation, before I pressed on into the wilderness. It's a beautiful run, and if you allow the sights, sounds, and smells to distract you, you'll definitely "fall" for the place time and again. In the last quarter mile my left knee began to ache a bit (a new friend, as my running mentor refers to de novo injuries--old friends are recurring problems/pains). I eased up, warmed down, and decided to ice my new knee issue in an effort to make this a one-time acquaintance. I stopped at a nearby McDonald's, purchased a drink and was generously given a large cup of ice, which I proceeded to bag and strap to my knee with my belt. It was cold. Fifteen minutes later I was nearing home, and having mild difficulty depressing the clutch of my '96 Ranger pickup with the chilly-knee leg. The cryotherapy must have zapped a major nerve, because I wasn't even aware of how numb things had become distal to the knee (I couldn't really feel that I couldn't feel my foot). When I stepped out of the truck onto my narrow driveway, my left ankle buckled, crackled (I felt/heard that), and was sprained. So there I was, down in my driveway, with a drippy plastic grocery bag leather belt-tied to my leg, confused as to what had just happened, and wondering where the luck-o-the-Irish was for me that day. Perhaps if I had more than 1/8th Emerald Isle blood in me things would have been better (or, who knows, worse if it were just 1/16th!).

Next year I'm wearing red on March 17th and skipping the green yeast!

Best to all,

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