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Who is Dr. Jay Levine?

Jay Levine, is a professor of epidemiology and public health at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Levine obtained his bachelors degree from Michigan State University, and his professional degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Tennessee. After working as a veterinary clinician for two years he received a masters degree in public health from Harvard University School of Public Health, and research training in the public health entomology laboratory of Andrew Spielman in the Department of Tropical Medicine. Dr. Levine joined the faculty at NCSU in 1984. In his role as a faculty member at NCSU he has supported the professional education of more than 1500 veterinary students, served as an advisor and mentor for numerous graduate students, co-authored more than 110 peer reviewed publications, and has coordinated more than $10 million in extramural funded research. His research and the work of his laboratory, the Aquatic Epidemiology and Conservation Laboratory, focuses on the health of aquatic ecosystems and their fauna. Outreach and engagement activities focus on promoting environmental stewardship. Dr. Levine also coordinates the Hill St. Homework Haven an after-school program supporting reading, math and life literacy.
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