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Luck of the Irish?

March 20, 2010

Okay, I'm starting to figure out the Blog thing. I initially made this post as a comment attached to my 3/14/10 Blog; now I realize I can initiate free-standing Blog entries using the AG Site Builder technology!

Here's the earlier post about my St. Patrick's Day events:

Good morning! I thought I'd share my St. (more…)

A start....

March 14, 2010

This is my initial Blog entry, really more of a "test," as I try out this new-to-me mode of communication. If anyone happens to read this, feel free to say Hi, send a query, or just make a comment!


March 14, 2010
Raleigh, NC

Selected Works

Science Writing
The Second Edition of Invertebrate Medicine was released in December, 2011. It has been substantially expanded from the first edition to reflect the tremendous growth of the pertinent literature and work that is being accomplished in the fields of invertebrate animal medicine, disease investigation, conservation, husbandry, and animal welfare. In 2012 it is being recognized with a Text and Academic Authors Association TEXTY award for excellence in the Life Sciences Category and first place in the Health Care Professionals (nonphysicians) category of the 2012 American Medical Writers Association Book Awards.
This book, edited by Karen L. Rosenthal, Neil A. Forbes, Frederic L. Frye, and Gregory A. Lewbart, utilizes approximately 400 clinical cases to describe and address many of the major medical and surgical conditions of exotic animal pets.
Invertebrate Medicine is the single most comprehensive resource available today on invertebrate animal medicine.
" will without doubt want to own this excellent collection of questions from fish veterinarians on both sides of the Atlantic...." --David Williams, The Veterinary Journal
Creative Non-Fiction
"This is a delightful book. The stories, each amazingly different, are told with warmth, humor and sensitivity. They are sometimes sad, always captivating. It is a book you can dip into on a journey or read before sleep at night. Buy it and give copies to your friends." Jane Goodall
....a darn good yarn.
--Ken Moore, Naples Daily News
...well-told and environmentally informative story about buried treasure and smuggling of exotic animals...
--Rod Cockshutt, The News & Observer